If you came here to find my biography filled with all these minute details about my life, I must disappoint you in a way because what I have written below is probably not something you have been looking for. It is sort of 'a letter' addressed to anyone who has a few spare minutes of their life and is interested in wasting them on these scribbles, which can be described as pseudo-letter from me to you, heh. Whenever you go and look, be it a band's or a solo artist's website, music-related websites with interviews and whatnot, almost all the biographies or answers to the questions relating to them start in the same manner (or at least they’re pretty similar); any given subject has either his/her roots in the musical family, where a mother or a father have had some kind of experience, or inclination to music since the earliest days of his/her childhood, or even without this kind of defining element has developed his/her love to music through infatuation by specific artist’s “sound” and trials and errors in imitating such artist.

Of course, it might have “a smaller or greater” (I have even heard somebody using the word profound, but I digress) influence on the shaping of a person’s taste and their personality as a whole (because it has — really), although it is not a decision-making-argument whether that person is going to include such fondness of music in his/her later life or not.

In my case, there will not be any biography per se because, in my opinion, it is really not so important from where I got this ''musical element'' (Flea-Market was fresh out back then, apparently:)). What is important is the fact, that despite the years that have already passed it is still there and is germinating at its own pace quite well, I must say ;)

My youthful explorations among various musical genres, own bands (AHH yes, the golden days of punk, grunge and metal) and projects, then a complete shift in sound and taste resulting in some collaborations with unknown, less-known or well-known artists/producers (I dislike this kind of categorization) or my productions in later years have enabled me to not only widen my horizons both socially and musically but also have forbidden me from putting a ‘genre-specific' sticker on my productions and co-productions or closing myself on something new and exciting, not only in one style of music, one genre.

And for this alone, I am thankful to my brain for being so inquisitive and so relentless in looking for answers to self-asked questions.

I am all for working with different styles and different people to explore and test both my limitations and abilities when tackling a project with someone who has a slightly different approach to things than I do. But nothing substitutes the sole work on a project as, in my opinion, it translates one's feelings and emotions completely. And even though I am not against working in collaboration with others, I find it more suitable to work on my own, because it enables me to focus completely on what I want to express throughout my productions.

Maybe I am just an egotistical mo... (put any deriding or obscene words here) but maybe, just maybe, I feel the best and most creative when working....with myself. Whoever and however may call it — I'm feeling good with how things are at the moment. Will it ever change? Maybe.

As for You, the reader — The only thing worth in life is to live and experience. So whatever you do and are involved in —


Yours trully,